FIFA World cup, Wimbledon and Life

I love sports for the way they generate thrill and emotions in everyone’s life. And I have utmost respect and admiration for players who perfect their games and I feel they are no less than the artists creating a piece of art. Sport is such a unifying medium (as is music and other forms of art but more reachable to common mob) and it was an exhilarating experience watching Americans going nuts over USA making it to second round in FIFA World Cup. I feel Americans miss out on the thrill of supporting one’s nation in an international sport event. Most of American sport expertise is bound to these club and premier league events. While USA does have a tremendous presence in Olympic sports, I hope the soccer team and Landon Donovan can ignite American’s interest in popular international sports.

And this summer is just a Godsend to all sports fans like me. I can barely contain the high adrenaline flow FIFA and Wimbledon are generating.

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21st straight SF and counting

Engaging quarter finals at Wimbledon led to another article at MTF, full read here.

In contrast, Roger Federer seemed to have found the lost key to his original form and happiness as he claimed the elusive ‘Coupe des Mousquetaires’ for the first time, completing his career slam and leveling Sampras’s record of most Grand Slam titles. It will not be an understatement to say that the guy is on top of the world and knows that he is there. In his recent media interviews, a casual eye might easily mistake his confidence and aplomb for arrogance. He is prepared for anything that might come in his way for a record 15th Slam victory. And, one should not under estimate his armory and ability to evolve. The guy who once detested the drop shots as a last resort in panic, overhauled his tactics and used them breath takingly during his course at French Open to thwart the likes of Mathieu, Haas, Del Potro and Soderling. We are talking about a guy who has kept himself injury free and fit for more than 5 years, and has consistently delivered near flawless performances at the Slams. The only man to strip him of his invulnerability is the Majorcan and the Swiss is making the best of defending champion’s absence at Wimbledon.

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“you know” – yeah Roger, we know

RF after his victory over Soderling

Roger Federer is sailing smooth on the Wimby lawns and that is making me concerned. I hope he gets tested well before reaching the finals and that he peaks at the right time. These easy early victories may not do him good and I look forward to at least one 5 setter in his upcoming clashes. He is doing just solid in the tie breaks and serve percentages.

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Wimbledon magic continues

Continuing on my Wimbledon coverage, an excerpt from my latest post at MTF.

  1. Fashion fiascoes: Hm, sorry Roger, the gold “man’s purse” is going to haunt you to your grave. And, if you win that 6th scintillating Wimbledon trophy, please don’t hold it with your ‘Nike’ bag in the other hand, it might get just a tad too dazzling for audience you know. On the positive side, photographers might do without flashes!
  2. …..
  3. The routine: Williamses are marching as smoothly as ever and Federer is steam-rolling his opponents. Any lady in top 20 with non-Williams last name is not looking formidable (Kuznetsova might be a slight exception there) and we might be again heading for surprise semi-finalists if “ova”s and “ovic”s kept falling left and right.

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