Why read Seven Conversations?

You might ask – “Why should I read this? Of all the pointless droll, why?”

To that, let me say this-

We read to occupy ourselves. We read to find a recluse. We sometimes read to avoid life. It might even get monotonous. Words, countless words, here and there. Floating on a page. We read and read on. It becomes a tortuous effort to read anymore but we persist.

And then, it burns. What? The paper of course!

It suddenly bursts into flames. The story sparks itself and we watch. Not because we can watch but because we can’t blink. Our eyes dance to the holy dance of words. Words are now singing to us. The story rises gracefully from the flames into a pious yajna. A new world emerges and we are shaken out of our stupor. We are now the part of that story, dancing along with it. We smile with it and stare in shock of it’s suspense. That’s what a book does to us. We leave a world behind and enter a new one. That’s why we read.

Sometimes that world does it own magic on us and we are never the same after having entered it. I read to catch a glimpse of those worlds. So, when I wrote Seven Conversations, that is the world I created for you. And, that is why you should read this.

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